1.A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for cancellation of a lesson, if not you will be charged for the lesson.

2.All lessons are to be paid by bank transfer 48 hours before your lesson, if not your lesson will be cancelled and offered out to other pupils.

3.If a lesson is cancelled by MSM Driving School Lincoln for any reason your lesson will be re-arranged for you.

4.In the event I am late for your lesson the time will be added on to the end of your lesson.  

5.You will be give access to an App called Total Drive, this will have all your lessons booked and you will receive a reminder 48 hours before your lesson.

6. You will be picked up for you lesson at an agreed time and loction, if you do not turn up within 15 minutes your lesson will be cancelled and you will be charged.

7. Lesson price's may be changed at any time, but you will be given one month's noticeof any increases.

8.The use of mobile phones during a lesson is strictly forbidden by both pupil and instructor; this includes the use of hands-free devices.

9.MSM Driving School Lincoln will only conduct lessons on a 1to1 basis unless a pupil asks for someone to accompany them. In this instance the person must be seated in the back seat and their presents must not be of detriment to the lesson.

10.The 1st lesson Special Offer is a 2 hour session for brginners with no previous driving experiance.

11.All pre-paid lessons are valid for 3 months of payment. If they are not used within this time they wii become void. Any refunds will be made but lessons taken will be charged at full price not the discounted price.

12.Driving under the influence of drink or drugs is illegal and strictly forbidden. If it is suspected that you may be under the influence of drink or drugs (this may include curtain prescription drugs) your lesson will be stopped and you will still be charged. It is often the following morning people are caught out, so please bare this in mind if you have an early morning lesson or driving test.

13.MSM Driving School Lincoln reserves the right to withdraw the use of the car for a driving test should the pupil not be up to test standard. You will need to pass at least one mock test with no more than 7 driving faults.

14. If you test is cancelled due to bad weather, poor light or an examiner not be available the DVSA will rearrange the test for free, but the session before will still be charged for.

15.Abusive, offensive or other such conduct to your instructor/examiner or other road users will not be tolerated amd your lesson will be terminated without notice.

16.To take driving lessons you must have a valid provisional driving licence. You will also be required to prove your licence status before youe 1st session. You can do this by going to www.gov.uk website, if this is not done then your lesson can not take place and you will still be charged.

17.I will bbok your driving test for you; this will make sure there will not b any clashes with other test already booked. Payment for your test within 2 weeksof the booking being made, if not your test maybe cancelled. Payment for test is to be made by a separate bank transfer with test fee as the reference.

18.If you stop taking driving lessons for any reasons, and do not restart them within 3 months you will be taken off our records and the Total Drive App.